Camp members, associates and guests - Below is a list of books that are available for check-out from the Camp Library. If you see one that you would like to borrow, please click on the link at the bottom of this page to send an e-mail indicating the book of your choice. You will then be able to pick up this book at the next regularly scheduled Camp meeting. All checked-out books must be returned to the Camp library before re-issue.


1) “Gettysburg, A Journey in Time,” William A. Frassanito

2) “Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison,” Edited by Curtis Carroll Davis.

3) “Pickett's Charge! Eye Witness accounts,” Edited by Richard Rollins.

4) “Civil War Stories,” Ambrose Bierce.

5) “Engagement at Picacho Peak,” Craig Ringer, story of Arizona's largest Civil War engagement.

6) “The Civil War, A narrative,” Shelby Foote, 3 volumes.

7) “Lee's Lieutenants, A study in command,” Douglas Southhall Freeman, 3 volumes.

8) “Lee’s Lieutenants, A study in command,” Douglas Southall Freeman, 1 volume abridgment

8) “Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government,” Jefferson Davis, 2 volumes.

9) “Last Flag Down,” Story of the CSS Shenandoah," John Baldwin & Ron Powers.

10) “General James Longstreet, Biography,” Jeffery Wirt.

11) “History of SCV Camp 302,” Gene Armistead, Pamphlet.

12) “Last Train From Atlanta,” A.A. Hoehling, The last days of beleaguered Atlanta.

13) “A Body of Fine Athletic Soldiers,” John W. Latty, A history of the 11th Georgia Cavalry Regiment.

14) “Champ Ferguson, Confederate Guerilla,” Thurman Sensing.

15) “Civil War Ghosts,” Edited by Greenberrg,McSherry & Wanger.

16) “Robert E. Lee on Leadership,” Executive Lessons in Character, Courage and Vision by H.W. Crocker

17) “Mosby’s Rangers,” The true adventures of the most famous command of the Civil War, by Jeffry Wert

18) “Raising the Hunley,” The History and Recovery of the Lost Confederate Submarine. Brian Hicks and Schuyler Kropf

19) “Confederates in California,” Confederates buried in California. Compiled by Margaret Alley

20) “Why the War Was Not About Slavery,” WCV Sesquicentennial Series, by Donald Livingston