1. Membership dues of $50 shall be payable in July of each year. Dues for each member are to be distributed as follows:


    a. $35 shall be paid to SCV National Headquarters

    b. $10 shall be paid to SCV California Division

    c. $5 shall remain in the Camp to meet:

        1. Camp operating expenses

        2. Projects, gifts, donations and awards approved by the members


2. New members are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $5. Those new members who join in February, March or April can also pay when they join an additional $15 which will pay them up through July of the following year. New members who join in May, June or July can pay an additional $7.50 which will pay them up through July of the following year.


3. Dues for Associate members shall be $10.00 payable in July of each year.


4. The out-going Camp Commander shall present his Camp Commander's medal to the in-coming Camp Commander. The Camp Commander’s medal is the property of the Camp and will be replaced at Camp expense should it become unserviceable. The in-coming Camp Commander shall present a Past-Commander medal to the out-going Camp Commander at camp expense at the first opportunity.


5. Special Committees, such as Awards, Budget, Projects, and Ceremonies, may be formed as needed, with Committee Chairmen appointed by the Camp Commander.


6. The Camp Commander may authorize, without vote, the expenditure of camp funds under special circumstances, such as for SCV headstone markers, flowers, condolence cards, birthday cakes, etc. as required, but not to exceed $100 for each instance.


7. A non-transferable allowance shall be paid to the Camp Commander to attend the National Convention each year not to exceed 75% of the total cost of registration, air fare, room, banquet and awards luncheon. This allowance shall be paid upon completion of the event.

8. All dues shall be paid by the Camp for the Camp “Rebel-of-the-Year” for the year during which the selection was made.